Adelphia co-headlined with Lacey lastnight, I must say I am exceptionally proud of these guys! Was such an awesome show, I sneaked this picture when I was let off merch for a few songs;) Glow sticks forever✨ (:


Here is our teaser so you can all have a snippet of what we sound like!
Hope you all enjoy, give it a reblog or a favourite!
Thank you all:)


Have a look at my bands teaser (:

Backstage at download festival with adelphia! (:

I did a cheeky promo shoot with Matt Waterhouse for Grim Apparel the other day, there will be more shots appearing, can’t wait to do more! (:

For those asking about my band, we are finally up and running on social networks, here is our tumblr, you can find links on there and information about what’s happening! Please ask if you’re curious about anything!
Thank you for reading! (:

Anonymous Asked
QuestionOh wow you are just the perfect girl wish I was you I love your look I love your tattoos you have a cute boyfriend and you are just awesome so pretty xx Answer

Haha! Thanks sweety, so kind (:

Anonymous Asked
QuestionOMFG got to be said that's so sexy just like you xYou are majorly cute as hell x Answer

Thank you (:

Lil’ Daisy. (:

Anonymous Asked
QuestionI love your tattoos the one on your back is so awesome and I like your mofferfly xDid they hurt do you have anymore? X Answer

Thank you! The one on my back killed and my mofferfly was a bit sensitive but not bad! I also have a daisy on my ribs, I’ve just posted a picture of it (:

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHey it's June just wondering when your Facebook band site is going up x love your profile pic you are so pretty x Answer

Thankyou! And I’m afraid we have had a few delays, but it will be up in the next two or three weeks! (: